The Jordan Valley, Palestine. Colonised for over 70 years and predicted to be one of the first places in the world that will become unliveable due to the climate crisis.


Friday 13th December 2019


     On Friday 13th December a right wing government won the UK election by a landslide. The result was a devastating blow to the fight for equality, social justice and the hope to end the many crises many people live in today and the crises we all face tomorrow.


     Creative Destruction is a space where narrative can be reclaimed, politics taken back and art & activism celebrated and used as a tool to fight for change, today and for the next generation. It aims to centre kindness, respect and community, whilst addressing the harsh realities many live under and challenge why.


    I am honoured to have spent the last ten years around brave and incredible activists, artists and storytellers from Afghanistan, Britain, Haiti, Lebanon, the Marshall Islands, Syria, Yemen and Jenin Camp in Palestine, the home of the Freedom Theatre, founded by Juliano Mer Khamis who was murdered for his use of cultural resistance to fight occupation and oppression. I have witnessed people stand on the frontline fighting for social justice, equality and political change putting themselves in danger for the hope of a better future. Creative Destruction is formed in their honour and because of what they have taught me.


     Fridays news has prompted me to launch this idea a little earlier than 

planned and definitely sooner than it is ready but now feels the time for action. Welcome to an idea in progress and an invitation to look at the vision, share, join and shape it. In the coming months I look forward to share some of the incredible collaborations, conversations ideas and plans that are already starting.


Zoe Lafferty