Driving the projects are change-makers at the forefront of social and political change, who use their lived experiences to educate, interrogate and inform.


This includes independent artists, activists, intellects, human rights lawyers, community organisers, civic journalists, people who are forcibly displaced and members of armed resistance. 

Below are people who have been commissioned, collaborated on a project

or contributed to an initiative, talk or article: 

Abed Al Kadiri

Ahmed Masoud

Ahmed Tobasi

Akram Salhab

Ala Buisir 

Alia Alrosan

Amin Abdulhadi

Anahid Kassabian

Daria Gatti

Doreen Toutikian

Faisal Abu Alhayjaa

Fidaa Zidan

Hamza Hamouchene 

Hrayr Eulmessekian

Juliana Yazbeck 

Leo Soph Welton

Liverpool Arab Arts Festival

Maha Alasaker

Mohamed Sleiman Labat

Magid Magid

Mustafa Sheta

Osama Al Azza

Penny Babakhani

Priya Sundram

Relative Motion

Sabrina Mahfouz