And Here I Am

وهنا انا

Written by Hassan Abdulrazzak

Produced by Developing Artists

Based on the actor Ahmed Tobasi’s personal coming of age story, AND HERE I AM is an epic voyage of identity and self discovery. 


Combining fact and fantasy, tragedy and comedy, spanning both the first Palestinian intifada and the second, we follow Tobasi through his transformation from armed resistance fighter to artist,  and his journey as a refugee from the West Bank to Norway and back again.


This series of tragicomic episodes is vividly brought to life by award winning writer Hassan Abdlrazzak. transporting  us to the heart of the hardships, struggles and contradictions of a young Palestinian man growing up under occupation and his pursuit for the true meaning of freedom.

So far the production has toured the UK, Palestine, Britain, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Norway and Zimbabwe.