Workshops & Talks

Workshop on Cultural Resistance and Storytelling in Egypt

Zoe and Tobasi have led talks and workshops worldwide, most recently in Egypt, Zimbabwe and Norway.  Focused around their own theatre practices, their workshops explore their unique blend of making political theatre, storytelling from real life and how to tell unheard narratives in a complexed and engaging way. Their workshops also explore how they combine art and activism, and how their creative practices are routed in the use of culture as a form of resistance and using art to fight for change.


Zoe and Tobasi have both worked with young people in The Freedom Theatre School in Palestine at across the UK including at the Roundhouse, National Youth Theatre and various Universities and Drama Schools. 

In 2015 Tobasi set up and led the youth department at The Freedom Theatre running the youth program and sparking an artistic fever amongst the younger generations. He continues to work with young people in Jenin Camp creating spaces to imagine and play.