CREATIVE DESTRUCTION routes its work in the intersection of arts, activism and politics,

exploring how culture, knowledge and connection can be used as a form of resistance.

Whether through the latest digital technology, on the streets or through inventing new prototypes, our work responds to the multiple crises the world is facing. 


Bringing people together, locally and globally, projects identify issues, imagine solutions, challenge the boundaries of tradition, and build spaces where

complexed, radical and new conversations can happen.



Driving the projects are change-makers at the forefront of social and political change, who use their lived experiences to educate, interrogate and inform. 

Projects centre and celebrate the radical fringes, the outsiders, agitators and imposters working to platform groundbreaking, revolutionary and censored conversations, ideas and stories that can set a precedent.

Working in the intersection between arts, activism and politics are exciting and diverse communities that have grassroots knowledge of how to facilitate processes that empower, mobilise and utilise peoples’ different skillsets and strengths. Each project is driven by one or multiple people from a community who are building their own radical and unique path.




Creative Destruction works to create genuinely inclusive, equitable, healthy eco-systems that are essential foundations when fighting for change. We are building prototypes that re-imagine working dynamics, so issues we aim to fight arnt just mirrored in toxic collaborative dynamics..

Anti-racist, anti-capitalist, decolonial, abolitionist, queer intersectional feminist approaches are prioritised. Promoting and celebrating alternative models that are non-hierarchical, embed radical care, deconstruct discrimination & empower all. 

In an ever more divided and divisive world, listening, kindness, and respect are critical values. However, change is uncomfortable, and these principles can’t be prioritised to the detriment of challenging injustice and discrimination and shaking up the status quo.




SHARING KNOWLEDGE Listening, learning, and extensive research is a starting point and continuous journey throughout all aspects of the work. Research and collated reading lists, articles, and films are shared on the website. As are specifically commissioned talks and articles that address the most pressing and complex conversations of the moment.


COLLECTIVE SOLIDARITY Collective solidarity is a key to change. Therefore, projects aim to bring people together from different local and global contexts, finding connections in social and political movements and the injustices faced.


DIVERSITY OF TACTICS The cross-section of projects explores, promotes, and celebrates the diversity of tactics used in the fight for change and creates a space to exchange what has worked and lessons learned.


EQUALITY & JUSTICE The fight for equality and social justice is embedded in all work. Whether it is a project aim or internal working dynamics, we speak up, speak out, learn, listen and reflect. 


HISTORY History is told by the winners. While looking to the future, we believe there must be an honest reflection and critique of the past, particularly concerning colonialism, war, and empires.


RECLAIMING Projects reclaim space and ideas, focusing on censored, manipulated, or ignored narratives to rebalance power and circumnavigate gatekeeping. 


RADICAL TRANSFORMATION Projects centre around radically re-thinking the injustice systems we live in, finding ways to disrupt the status quo and contribute to large-scale systematic transformation. People most affected by exploitation, discrimination, colonialism and war have a right to be at the forefront of enacting or imaging any solutions and therefore drive the work.

CIRCUMNAVIGATING BORDERS: Borders are becoming harder to cross, and visas, especially in the UK, more expensive and complex. We are using digital technology and models of global solidarity to circumnavigate borders and continue connecting and building mobilisation.



We live in toxic system of profit before people and the planet, extractivism, colonialism and oppression, with war penetrating everything from a micro to a macro scale, benefiting only a select few. 


Scientists have made it clear that humanity is facing an unprecedented climate catastrophe. This crisis could be one of the most uniting moments in history and an opportunity to radically rethink the structures we live under or it could tear our communities, society and countries apart. 


In the UK we are already on the brink of social breakdown due to the effects of austerity, corrupt power systems and privatisation of everything including currently healthcare and education and these divisions will only get worse if 10% of the UK will be uninhabitable by 2050 as scientists predict.


If we embrace the radical thinking, tenacity and commitment to face these emergencies head on then maybe there is hope.