CREATIVE DESTRUCTION routes its work in the use of culture as a form of resistance and using art to fight for change, connecting creativity, activism and politics.


Through creating cultural events, meetings and exchanges with people and communities on the forefront of social and political change, the aim is to build spaces where complexed, radical and new conversations can happen. 

Driving the vision are change makers including activists, artists and storytellers who are using their lived experiences to educate, interrogate and inform. In an evermore divided and divisive world, community, kindness and respect is a a key grounding of the work.

Our commitment is to radical re-thinking that will put art at the forefront of fighting for change locally and globally whilst bringing people together, identify issues, imagining solutions and platforming these narratives to the worl​d. ​Wether a conversation, a cultural event or an aspiration for the future, the work is embedded in equality and social justice, reclaiming political space and narratives that are censored, manipulated or unheard.


The aim is to build innovative spaces to rethink and reimagine the systems that we live in, at the same time believing that when looking to the future it is important to have truthful dialog and critique of the past.



We live in toxic system of profit before people and the planet, extractivism, colonialism and oppression, with war penetrating everything from a micro to a macro scale, benefiting only a select few. 


Scientists have made it clear that humanity is facing an unprecedented climate catastrophe. This crisis could be one of the most uniting moments in history and an opportunity to radically rethink the structures we live under or it could tear our communities, society and countries apart. 


In the UK we are already on the brink of social breakdown due to the effects of austerity, corrupt power systems and privatisation of everything including currently healthcare and education and these divisions will only get worse if 10% of the UK will be uninhabitable by 2050 as scientists predict.


If culture embodies the radical thinking, tenacity and commitment to its communities to face these emergencies head on then maybe there is hope.